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i was a beginner just two months ago. learning through basics of c++.

and after i m finished with it. i searched internet about what should be the next step i will take.

some searches have done and i decided to use SDL. why? because some idiot wrote it is a good library for a beginner, because it is simple.

NO it is not simple it is a low-level library and learning took a lot of time abd it felt heavy. that guy could have been adviced me SFML. which is way easier. though i learned SDL.

i was reading an openGL tutorial. link:

at the end of the tutorial he says "Many developers today don't rely on API level multisampling and use their own methods via shaders"

now the point i m coming is which one should i use a graphics library or should i make my own funcs() such as AA. i want a detailed answer if you have time. an answer like benefits of this saves time, that one is better, it is a long way etc. etc.

thx in advance. i just dont want to google for sth important like this couse i fear i will get a wrong idea.
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a) sdl is incredibly simple. i am horrible with gui apis and sdl was the only one that i understood. as to your question: definitly use a graphics library if youve only been doing it for two months.
thx for the answer but for a one month beginner, sdl??? no people should have been adviced me sfml or sth else. making game loops is a hard thing and sfml has such a thing called frame controller.

whatever i learned it anyways
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