I use visual studio 2012. When I asked what I should use in order to put graphics into my program, I was told by the community that SFML works well. My only problem is that now I have SFML, where and how do I unpack it? Please help!
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Galaxy7games wrote:
I think it would be cool if I could add textures or maybe even make it so you can move sprites. What do I need to do that?
SDL or SFML, I recommend SFML because many have said it's easier to start with.
Galaxy7games wrote:
Also, what is the best yet free one out there?
Assuming you mean "what is the best free Text Adventure game", that's highly subject to opinion. An old but good one is zork:
You can find more about it on Wikipedia.
No, I meant what is the best library or program that makes it easier to code textures and sprites into my test adventure. Is there any program that allow you to just input a texture into the background and have physics and sprites work? Also, thank you for getting back to me so soon.
It would be very cool if you could do this. But, no longer would this be a text adventure then, it will be a .exe with vector graphics.
Actually, I was planning on keeping the text adventure and all of the decisions. The only difference would be that with every decision, you could see for example:you getting shot in the head if you try to attack the mobster. All I need to know is what I can use to add textures, sprites, and physics into it.
SFML can add textures/sprites.

Though if you're just doing little graphical scenes you don't really need physics.
Thank you very much for all of your help guys!
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