What exactly is SFML?

I've heard it's a good place to start for games programming but even after reading the website's first few tutorials I still don't really get what it is.
Is it just a library of extra commands or can you use it to design graphics and GUI?
Please help.
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It's a 2D hardware-accelerated library you can use for windowing, graphics, and more.

I'd recommend it, that, and SDL 2.0.

They were created with the thought of game programming in mind.
SFML is a multimedia library it acts as a wrapper for several low-level libraries (and os) and integrates them into several modules i.e graphics , audio , network , window.

*Its not just a graphics library.*

Now , Please don't ask later which you should choose between sfml or sdl or etc.
There is such a question asked here every two weeks or so, either try each one or dig up this forum for such x vs. y vs. etc.
If you have any further questions regarding the SFML library, post them on their forums:
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