reading variable from another program

I'm trying to write a widget that monitors the health/mana/stamina of a character in a game. I've discovered the game uses a varible!HEALTHCUR! to store current health. Is there a way i can access this?

Ps. I've just been told the game runs on"OPcodes" if that means anything.
Wihtout knowing to many details, you'll, as far as I am aware, either need an api, provided by the developers, or a very advanced image recognition algorithm that can read the info directly off the screen. Unless you have direct access to the code of the game, and can export the variable from there, or the code somehow else already exports the value
If the information is store in external files that you can edit. Then all you need to do is read that file, grab the information that you need out of it and display it in your widget. However, if it is stored internally.. then thats a whole other ball game.

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