Where to start for C++ Game Development?

This is not my first time developing games using C++. I wonder if there are any programs that can provide some type of IDE/plugin made for game development or something. I have OpenGL and that debugs fine and everything, but I had issues trying to setup SDL and I just gave up on that. Six months ago I was using DarkGDK and the old Visual Studio 2006 IDE, everything was fine creating 2D Games. The only issue I had was some virus that messed up my windows. I do not know if it really was a virus from Visual Studio 2006 or because my norton virus protector trial ended. Every since then I stopped using anti virus programs and never installed DarkGDK again. I am running Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, any resources or suggestions will be helpful.
You got a virus so you stopped using antivirus software? wtf?
Supposedly Norton indicated the virus coming from Visual Studio 2006, but I do not know whether to believe if it was MVS2006 or Norton it self. After all Norton kept annoying me about it expiring in 10 days, and all of a sudden that is when shit started malfunctioning and windows started acting weird.

Before ever using Norton I was not using a virus protector and I had the same programs installed. But since using Norton I believe there a bunch of crap. No I do not trust any virus protector, I feel like there schemers. Now that I do not use any anti viruses, my os runs smooth, fine, fast and yet still no viruses. luckily at the time the virus occured and I could not get into windows, I had to dual boot to BackTrack on start up and go inside the root directory of windows to get my important files that I forgot to backup before the virus killed my OS.
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