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Hello everyone,
I've read tons of threads, articles and all about UML plugins and programs that would allow me to reverse engineer my own c++ code. Honestly speaking, I used to have a good attitude writing a fair copy of the final draft of each algorithm, process and relationship - but I droped it somewhere on the way. Thus I ended up with a waste land of snippets and a well commented yet terribly confusing program I'm meant to develop further for professional use. Okay, many of you will call 2000 lines in a half a dozen to a dozen of objects not huge. I never said I was industrial, it's that I'm creative :D However, just imagine you have to maintain that code, and you work on it only twice a week, sometimes not at all for several weeks. And you don't do any programming at all inbetween. It is huge, and you'd get lost, indeed. Here's where reverse engineering would come in handy. However, it's my first private programming project that is creeping over the professional border, and I won't be paid a cent for any development tools. Certainly I could afford a 300 or 700 USD for VP-UML, but do I need to?

I don't. What helped me out is StarUML/WhiteStarUML. It took me twenty minutes to adjust the results of the automated c++ import to what the class diagram should look like, including internet research on how to do things - that's what I call a steep learning curve. I wasn't looking for full round-trip nor for easy support of macros and all, which I currently don't use. I just want an overview (a class diagram) of my straight-forward but extensive code. My first thought, when I watched the PDF I had created for printing was "brilliant, looks neat". Here's what I wanted.

If anybody knows anything with similar capabilities that integrates into eclipse, you would make me more than happy.

Bottom line: StarUML and WhiteStarUML are nice free programs to map existing (straight-forward) c++ code to a UML class diagram. Do you know anything similar that integrates into eclipse?


I couldn't make StarUML display nested classes correctly. So I decided to try Doxygen. As I comment my code extensively anyway, it's a small step to do it the Doxygen way. I hope I've found something to stick to for the next few years.

Dammit is that oxygen hot! I adore the graphs and its GUI that is made the way I would have told them to make it if they'd asked me. All those Unix guys writing about it make it seem complicated and sooo much cumbersome pro style, but it's just smooth and comfortable to work with. If I'd just known that before ...
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