Write a program language C + +

Write a program that prompts the user to input the x-y coordinate of a point in a Cartesian
Plane. The program should then output a message indicating the location of the point. Just
like the following :
(0,0) is the origin.
(2,0) and (-2,0) is on the x-axis,
(0,2) and (0,-2) is on the y-axis
(2,2) is in the first quadrant.
(-2,2) is in the second quadrant.
(-2,-2) in the third quadrant.
(2,-2) is in the fourth quadrant

Using nested if else.
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please dont post homework on here and expect us to answer it. at least attempt us and show us what you have attempted
I tried coast question but it is very difficult
Well, what code did you come up with? We like seeing effort. The more effort we see, the more likely we are to help (as a rule of thumb).

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