new to webservice- need to create type of dictionary to use in web application

Hey guys, i know i shouldn't ask anything like this, but i have bashed my head against the wall so many times with this... in class we get so many simple examples and then the actual program has nothing to do with it... i have tried searching everywhere but couldn't find anything i could understand.

basically i was asked for this:
1) Create a Web service using .Net that allows the user to enter SMS-style
abbreviations, and returns the expanded meaning
2) The Web service will use a Dictionary Class to hold a list of SMS abbreviations
and their meanings in English (i have the csv file with the sms and meanings)
3) The Dictionary should be populated from a comma separated text file
containing SMS-style abbreviations, and their expanded meaning [4]
4) Create an application that consumes the web service that looks something like

if anybody could give some help i would appreciate it
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