i need help otherwise my teacher fails me.

hy everybody.i need help,my teacher give me project e-diary and i don't know how to make it in c++,i am a brillent student but i have a seroius problm in progamming.my parents can't afford my university fee,if teacher fails me,i won't be able to carry study.is there any one who can help me?i can't give him anythng except prayers.he will be in my prayers.plz do it for me."electronic diary in c++.
Well, I would write a basic menu
Add to Diary
Read from Diary
Search Diary

I would start each line with the time and date, then a string which is your diary entry.

I recommend you stop asking others to do your work for free and if you are so brilliant, learn to spell check (7 errors in above post).

Why don't you show us how much you can do on your own first...
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As-salamu alaykum,

It's this forum's policy not to make homework for other people, because it means cheating, which could get you kicked out of university if you are caught.

If you post your assignment we will be happy to help you to solve it, so please get back to us with more information about your assignment and we'll try to help you get started.

All the best,
samuel adams,i am sorry,i wrote it in a hurry..i did all of my assignments throughout semester,but the thing is teacher said that all data should stored in disk file.it means i have to use file concept here,and dn't know about this.please write basice menu for me,i will do my level best for rest of code.please
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This tutorial covers reading / writing from disk files: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/files/

We'll need to know more about your assignment to help you further, or we'll end up giving adivce that may not apply to your assignment at all.

All the best,
Sorry it's Monday, but I was trying to be helpful to you. Show me your work and let us know if you have any problems. Happy to help but show me something to work with.
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