Need help please

Hey, I have been learning c++ for a couple of months and I have been asked to make this "If you show me that you can create a simple app that has a youtube viewer on one tab, integration with twitter on another tab, facebook on another tab and instagram on another tab + a web viewing page"

I have attempted this and really struggling so any help would be appreciated.

If you could tell me some code and how to start off the program and also what software and add ons ill need!!

That's a pretty significant application for just a couple months of C++.

What framework are you using to display the HTML stuff?
I will have to use HTML? Erm, im just using Visual studio express 2010, I havent got any add ons yet, thats why i'm asking what id need.
You'll need to go to your professor and ask him what tools he intends for you to use, and what library he wants you to use to display the HTML.

He's essentially asking you to write a web browser.
The guy wont tell me, its a task to see what I can do. I guess its anything but couldn't you tell me what you think?
Google "trolltech qt" and download their framework. They have examples and everything you'll need to write a GUI program with a tabbed component and HTML display.

That's what you need. Good luck!
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