okay guys!

Do you think freeGLUT is useless for 2D game development? I am using freeGLUT to make a 2D platformer game but it looks as if things are falling apart. My keyboard inputs dont work although everything is getting rendered perfectly. Everyone is suggesting me to dump it and start with GLFW. Is this thing that bad?
freeGLUT is very useful. Your keyboard inputs failing may be a code issue.

If you do dump it (which I wouldn't necessarily recommend) there are plenty alternatives (SFML is a particularly good one).
freeGLUT isn't bad in itself. The reason why everyone is telling you to go with GLFW instead is due to their purposes. FreeGLUT was designed as an up-to-date version of GLUT, which was simply a quick and simple windowing library to provide demo's of graphics programs (specifically OpenGL). However, GLFW was designed with games in mind. You can use freeGLUT as a games windowing system, but it takes more effort, and there are a few things that you can't do without resorting to dodgy hacks or the native windowing system.

Hope this helps!
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