C++ program start up

I am new to C++ and I have exercise to make code as described below:

Write a program that reads in the cost of an order (possibly a decimal like 48.99) and the shipping method as a number (1 for Drone, 2 for 2-Day and 3 for Standard) and prints out the total cost of the order + shipping.

If the user enters a negative cost or a different shipping method, print out "Bad Input". If they pick Drone with an order under $100 you should just print "Not available".

The instructors example looks like this:

Enter the cost of your order: 800
Enter your shipping method: 1

Total is $880

Cost of Order -Shipping Charge

Under $100 -Not available

At least $100 but less than $500 -$50

$500 or more -10% of the cost of order

If I knew where to start it would be helpful. I can't get my mind around the if statments and how to put in the 3 different shipping methods as numbers.
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