Homework help!

If anyone understands my homework assignment, I would appreciate any help.

Unsure where to start. Thanks in advance!

As always: input, logic, output.

The input is clear: two sequences of integers (map and target).

The logic is how you solve the problem. It's pretty much spelled out in the assignment, but generally you want to run through it on paper to figure out a possible algorithm. No "I do it on sight" nonsense; that doesn't help you. A computer can compare and calculate, not see.

Output is clear from the assignment.

Now, the logic has a few extra requirements. Step 1: ignore these and implement a working algorithm. Step 2: see which requirements aren't met and adjust code to fit. Chances are the intuitive implementation already meets most of these requirements.

Once you have a bit of code, feel free to show it and ask for further advice.
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