how to install gnu C compiler on Windows XP?

I easily installed the gcc compiler on Solaris by running the tar xvf command. All files got uncompressed, and I can then use the compiler because gcc got installed on Solaris. It was fairly easy to do.

I tried to do the same on Windows, and it's not as simple. I must be doing something wrong.

I simply want to download the gnu C compiler to my Windows PC, and run an "install" to install it, and then, use the gcc compiler.

What site do I need to go to do this? If there are instructions to properly install it, please post. Thank you.
Try to see if this site gives you the information you are looking for:
Cygwin is good for this. Simply download the installer, select the GCC related packages you want installed, and Cygwin will take care of downloading and installing the compiler and the environment it needs to run.
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