Tell me whats wrong with my code plz?

slen is the array length, and I need em to input an array of characters which is S1[], array1[] is the array i have at the beginning of the code. But my main prob is the cout << "Failed to generate key"; part doesn't work at all. The reason for that part is if i input any numbers for e.g ABC123 to search for into the array or such, instead of leaving it blank i want to put "failed to generate" as the output" i tried if function and do and while yet none of it works and i don't know why. any help or suggestions please??

Here is the array of the code. code is too long to post all so sorry

Someone help tell me whats wgong?
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help please??
Help yourself by posting a more complete program. How is anyone supposed to know what could be wrong while staring at an incomplete block of code?
Here is the full code then:

[code]#include <iostream>
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now can someone help me?
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