Quick question about pointers

I'm studying for a test and have gotten stuck explaining a certain something. The instructions are to circle the main error and describe the error. I have no problem finding the error, but I'm having a tough time putting it into words. Any help would be appreciated. (I've underlined where I found the error to be.)

A. int x = 1, *y;
*y = &x;

B. char temp[10];
char *ptr;
ptr = &temp;

C. char tmp[10];
tmp = "Hello";
cout << tmp;
Just use the words normally associated with pointers.

For example, for A say something about dereferencing, for B say something about how the array is a pointer itself (sort of), and for C you could just compile it and give the error message you get ('incompatible types in assigment from "const char [6]" to "char [10]"').
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