License System

Hello i would like to use an license system, but i cannot find any guides or avaliable sources for this:

What i want to do:
- Server Side Application
- Website

1. Server Side:
- When run application to connect to website/check.php
- When app starts it needs to check 3 things:
1. Machine Mac Address
2. Date Time Year
3. MD5 HashCode

Mac Address is from the user pc if its same continued, else error message
Date Time Year if user pc is under the check.php information return message "Your License is over" , if its true continued.
If The HashCode is the same as the file check.php continued else the same message

Also this function to be automatic.
If i change in check.php user details when he run the app to read correct.
Also Server Side app should maybe read for example file "License.dat" where are stored his Mac Address and his Md5 HashCode. Not date time year it should read his pc date time year.

The md5 hashcode i use from IPBoard system in store has option where when they buy generate them an hashcode. And maybe when they purchase it to show me that code so i can update the check.php file user hashcode and time so he can use the application again for 1 month more.

My idea here is to make it much faster users update license. Because i need to build every month the Server application with date and time manual, and this is delayed my customers.

I was really looking for this system along time ago but nobody help me with it. I cannot find any good system for this. If someone can help me out with this request would very appriciate it really.
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