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Create a program has a class called calculator, which contains four functions:
▪ Addition
▪ Subtraction
▪ Multiplication
▪ Division
In the main() method ask the user to enter two float numbers.

How far have you got?
the output should look like:

Enter the First number:12
Enter the second numberz6
the result of Addition is 18
the result of Subtraction is 6
the result of Multiplication is 72
the result of Division is 2
Process returned 6 (6x6) execution time : 3-525 5
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include <iostream>
using namespace std;

/*Create a class called calculator which has two private data member nl and n:
and five public member functions:
Set, Additiun, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division*/
int main()

float numl, num2;
cout<< "Enter the first number:";
cin>> numl;
cout<< "\nEnter the second number:":
cin>> num2;
cout << "\nthe result of Addition is " << -<<endl;
cout << "the result of Subtraction is " << -<<endl;
cout << "the result of Multiplication is " <<-<<endl;
cout << "the result of Division is " << -<<endl;
return 0;
The instructions begin:
Create a class called calculator

Do that.

I cannot stress how important it is to follow the instructions in your homework. If you don't do what the homework says to do, you'll do very badly.

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