C++ and OpenGL error please help

Hello I have an error with c++ and OpenGL... So I added glfw3.h into the include folder in dev c++ and it knows that it is there but the errors that I get are:

"18 C:\crossdev\src\mingw-w64-v3-git\mingw-w64-crt\crt\crt0_c.c undefined reference to `WinMain'"
"C:\Users\flami\Desktop\KEEP\Codes\CPP\Test Files\collect2.exe [Error] ld returned 1 exit status"

And I have no idea on how to fix this... If you do please help... :)

I also have no idea to post this so I posted it here...
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I believe you're building your app as a Windows app, whereas you've written it as a Console app. The setting is in the Linker section.
I can't find the Linker section and if I did/do (I am still going to look for it) what do I have to do in those settings... also I just have a single file and I did not make it a Windows app or a Console app...
Nevermind I forgot int main... :Facepalm:
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