(help) hwid checker from url

Hi!, i would like to know how can i make a simple hwid checker reading the hwid from a pastebin or from some page.


using namespace std;
int main()
cout << Simple hwid test << endl;
DWORD max = 30;
DWORD InvertedKey;
GetVolumeInformation(NULL, NULL, NULL, &InvertedKey, &max, NULL, NULL, NULL);
cout << "Your Key Is : " << InvertedKey << endl;
if (InvertedKey == 169386120 || InvertedKey == 21681726821)
cout << "Whitelisted!" << endl;
cout << "Not Whitelisted!" << endl;

I know its very simple but i would like to know how can i get the check from a pastebin, i mean, the program reads the content of an url, and if it contains the hwid, its validated, if not, not validated. I read something about libcurl but i dont know how to use it a lot.
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When you say "from a pastebin", what exactly do you mean? Where is your program running?
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