Best Undergrad C++ STL Text Books?

Any best technical content/quality & widely used undergraduate C++ STL Programming text books used at major universities of United States for the following Computer Science and Engineering courses?

1. C++ STL Data Structures
2. C++ STL Algorithms Analysis
3. C++ STL Software Engineering Introduction
4. Introduction to Operating Systems Principles using C++ STL

Preferably Titles/Authors of most recent editions of the books that use C++ Std 11 or 14 or 17 features please?
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I'm not sure if this is used as a text, but Josuttis' "The C++ Standard Library, A Tutorial and Reference" is virtually irreplaceable.
Thank you Niccolo, Yes I have 2018 Second Edition of this three authors XLNT C++ Templates book, uses C++ 17 Std.

I am interested in the books that discuss about practical applications of STL.

And I also have Josuttis "The C++ Standard Library" Second Edition, 2012 book uses C++ 11 std.
If this author writes third edition of this book, using C++ Std 20 Ranges, Concepts, co-routines etc that will be great edition.
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I also have Ivor Horton's "Using C++ Standard Template Library", Apress 2015 edition, uses C++14.
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