OpenGL in Xcode? Macs Anyone?

I am pretty good with C++, and I am a primary Mac user, and I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to use OpenGL in Xcode. I do not have much experience with using libraries.

Also, does anyone have any tips on learning OpenGl? I have quite a bit of experience making games, but with [url=""]Game Maker.[/url](NOTE: I do use the GML coding, not that cheap drag and drop stuff) The one thing GM makes easy is implementing [2D] graphics. I know OpenGL, XNA, others of that sort are a totally different way of putting graphics into the games. Any Tips?
OpenGL comes standard with most C++ compilers (if not all today). You should be able to start using some OpenGL Tutorials and just include the headers, link the libraries from your compiler and be sweet. Some places even have Mac tutorials (e.g and NeHe).

Game Maker would be a wrapper to OpenGL. So that now you are going to be using OpenGl things will be a fair bit more difficult. XNA is just an SDK/Wrapper to develop games for the 360/PC. Personally, I found XNA to be quite bloated, and the lack of XBL features made it pointless for me atm. Maybe when it matures it'll be better.
OpenGL will be called a "framework" rather than a "library" in XCode. There are linkable frameworks both in your System directory and in your Developer directory if you poke around. If this is your first time doing 3D graphics, it's probably worth getting a book. I liked the OpenGL Superbible a lot.
The only thing to be careful with using libraries in XCode is to make sure ZeroLink is turned off. Otherwise if you put the binaries on your site for download they won't work for anyone else.
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