suggest a project

i need to prepare a project for class XII includeing:
data file handling
some basic oop concepts

pls help me out to find out a nice topic
thanks in adv
how about an traffic simulation?... cars, bycicles, pedestrians... should be enough to simulate a straight main street, with entry points... or just expend at your own will^^...
Why don't you ask your teacher ? (xD)
I am Rammohan from Bangalore and working as a Technical lead in big IT firm .
Solution for your answer is follows:

You can do the following projects with the help of your friends or teacher:
1) College or School project (Teacher Info, Student Info, Attendance, Notice Board, Exam, Marks, Fee...etc)
2) Inventory Database
3) TV Game (Quiz Based application)
If you find any problem in the coding or designing your project then you can communicate with me and I will definitely spend some time in my weekends to help you in your project by online chatting...

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rofl^^... or you keep requesting for help in this forum;)...

hey, mr big-it... stop flaming with ur intro and the signature, please... seems like the color-functionality is not implementet;D...
Not sure if these fit what you need, but there are a number of Project Ideas (besides mine, the slope and y intercept one and including "Blackjack, anyone?")
All of the Project Ideas will present a good challenge, but might not need classes, inheritance, data file handling, etc. But then, what do I know about that? I just started on constructors!
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Hi Tushar, if I am correct
There is an option called Microsoft Foundation Classes Library in MS Visual Studio C++ 6.0, if you know about this. As you told, you are a school student, I hope it would be nice for you to use MFC in VC++, to create the following:
# A mathematical calculations toolbox for e.g.,
# Geometric calculations of different kind of shapes;
# Trigonometric calculations;
# Differentiation and Integration;
I am sure you will have to deal with all the basics, which you want to include in your project.
Also, using MFC at VC++ is very simple and I hope from a student of your status to get that.
Rajendra Uppal.
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