3rd party C++ Library for PDF conversion

hi guys,

Can someone suggest me any 3rd pary C++ library , which will convert text files( MSWord , MSExcell and normal *.txt file ) to PDF file.

please help me
MSWord and Excel are not text files.

Chances are you'd need to read them in, and format the PDF yourself. I would look at using the Open-Office libraries.
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Solution for your answer is follows:

Before selecting a library for yur application you go through the following link

And you can use directly the following libraries for your application:

Currently I am using “libHaru” in my application with out any problem.
My simple PDF Generator that create on the fly pdf files using the excellent library libHaru the app is written on gtk+ and compile under windows linux. To run you must get the gtk run time from gladewin32 web site . To compile u have to get the last gtk+ development kit from gladewin32 site that include the last version of devc++ and all bin,lib headers.
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