How do I make a game with c++

Hi i've learned the basics of c++ and now I want to make a game like Quake. Jk Jk I'm not THAT stupid... Anyways all the tutorials i've looked at online just show you fancier ways to write different text and numbers. So how do I use C++ to make a super simple 2d game? How would i import sprites and backgrounds from paint? Also how do i import sound effects? Also if i made a game what would it look like when i ran it. i mean would it run in the command prompt or would there be a whole new window and how would i tell it to do that. Well that's pretty much it and i'm sorry if my questions sound really stupid lol. BTW the compiler i'm using is Dev-Cpp. Yes i know they don't support it anymore...

You should look into allegro, sdl, or opengl to do the graphics and all that... What I would suggest is playing around with one of those to just get an image on the screen and make it move around with the keyboard, then try getting multiple images moving, one always moving while the other is controlled by the keyboard... maybe throw a background on there. Once you can do those basics then maybe you can start making a simple game (assuming you know mostly everything aside from the graphics part). I wouldn't suggest trying to learn the graphics AS you make the game - recipe for disaster.
In theory I'd agree with Mahlerfive. But practically, you are much better off getting an open-source 3D engine and enhancing that for your needs.


Otherwise, your going to spend months just learning the basics of how to set everything up. When really, you wanna have fun making a game. I have been there and have the many hours of code to show for it =\
so what is the difference between allegro, sdl, and opengl and an open-source 3d engine. I'm pretty sure allegro and sdl are API's but what is an open-source 3d engine. I guess i'm just curious why the 3d engine would be easier then allegro and sdl.
For a simple 2D side-scroller, use SDL. It really is very easy and convenient to use. It is almost "plug-in and program".

Getting started
Easy tutorials that walk through downloading and installing, compiling, events, sprites, etc.

You'll need this. SDL is a relatively small library, but good docs are always important.

Be sure to get the SDL_image extention. And take the time to upgrade to the latest version of MinGW. You won't be disappointed.

If you have Python, you can also visit the Pygame site

so what is the difference between...

All are application libraries to give you graphics programming powers. Each works a little differently, and some are more or less compilicated. That's all.
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thanks man.
get away from the command promt... use directX... i´ve already did that... there are many nice beginner books out there... goood luck and success...
An Open-Source 3D engine is a 3D engine that others have already developed using SDL/OpenGL/DirectX. You program to the 3D Engine's API and modify parts of the engine to build your game.

Using an engine allows you to focus more on developing the game than spending many hundreds of hours writing engine code to make small things work.

This is why engines like the "Unreal" or "Quake" or "CryTek" engine are popular. Even with price tags of approx $1milUSD to use it. The amount of time saved by using pre-existing engines is huge.
"old" engines are only useful , if you want to start in 3D instantly... i´d prefer learning the bascis first... even if its "hundreds of hours" its more interesting and u get a better understanding of what u are doing... i already did that with some nice DirectX books and a ref-book... learned much about COM, those Interfaces, e.g.... its fun to write ur own engine... but hard work... good luck andsuccess...
I find using SDL for 2D graphics and OpenGL for 3D graphics to be very effective. But that's just me.
Hi frnd
I want to do some game program using c++ and linux ipc mechanisim so is there any site where i will get all free source code so dt by seeing dt code i can improve my coding standard.And try dt code in my system.
Use SFML, it's somewhat similar to SDL but has a more object-oriented approach. It is also fairly newer than SDL.
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