where to go forward for freelance programming

ok so ive learnt a reasonable amount of basic c++, at least i think so, i.e the one presented on this site as a tutorial at "http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/".... ive understood them, done many examples and questions and am quite adept at it now AlhamdulillAllah.. but what i want to know is where do i go from here, for earning money via free lancing that is. i mean so far its all command line programs, and im sure no one wants those.. so what more should i learn..

also, other then c++, which languages should i learn that will help me in freelancing.. i was planning on learning web development, i.e html 5(including css and javascript), and java...

any ways basically i just want an outline, from people who do freelancing,for the best path i should take from here for freelancing, how should i progress in c++, and what other languages i should learn. and any other information that may proof helpful would greatly be appreciated.. thanks..
If it's for earning money with C++, you will have to know more thant C++ itself. You can do lots of stuff with just the C++ language, but unless you reinvent the wheel, you will lose lots of time. Try thinking about what kind of apps you would like to develop (User interfaces, 3D stuf, data processing programs, ...) and learn to use the most known libraries of that domain
thanks for the reply.

hmm... ok so i guess id go for specialization in data processing programs and learn some basics for making windows programs..

so first of all, are there an adequate number of free lance projects available that revolve around data processing? secondly, again, so where should i start in this..what libraries of c++ should i learn, and what additional languages should i learn.etc..
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