What does this do at the end of a program?
it just keeps the console window open so the user can see the output of the program.

it does so by getting the next character in the console
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what do you mean by next character??
When using cin, you type in characters (keys on your keyboard) that appear in the command prompt. That's what your program - specifically, cin 0 reads. Normally, it will automatically take as many characters as it needs to input. For instance, if you say
cin >> myIntVar;

and you type 37643, it gets all 5 characters, treats them as an integer, and correctly puts 37643 into myIntVar.

By using cin.get(), you get only one of those characters, and it is treated as a char.

Sometimes, the command prompt will close as soon as the program finishes, meaning you can't see the output. Putting cin.get() forces the program to wait for the user to enter a key before it can close, and you can see the output of your program.
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