Hi ive taken a class in C++ but am a little fuzzy. Looking for a Teacher/Tutor/Internship(not paid). Can anyone help my dilema
Email me at hunteru@bountifulfamilyservices.org
or just leave me a comment!;)
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And why would anybody want to tutor you while they may have tons of work. Plus, they aren't even gonna get paid.
You can post your problems here. We will try our best to help you. But I doubt someone among us have enough time to tutor you personally.
Its my personal opinion. Please don't feel offended
Pravesh speak for yourself
I'm emailing him now and have seen others in similar situations that found someone same day
Im not offended at all;however, this is a forum to help us beginners right? Or am i mistaken. Thanks GF
Yup, we are here to help you. So why not post here. There are so many programmers around in this forum. So why would you like to get a personal tutor?
That's good, but the response time of any programmer that should be able to help you on this forum is about ~7 minutes. Another plus is that several people will supply their solution, giving you a bigger range of possible solutions.

Please do not double post.
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GFreak45: Since you offered, just how fluent are you with C++?

I tutor the kids in my class, 1 semester and i have certification in C++
~1 year ago i switched from another language to C++
but i was already advanced in vJass and writing structs (classes) and libraries in vJass
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A little bit offtopic here.
So you tutor kids. Tell me about how it feels like. Personally, I like the teaching profession.
Not as a full timer. But to teach the young mind about the fascinating art of Computer programming. That must be great.
I wanted to ask you, Not everyone has a *programming mind* as discussed rigorously in here http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/64507/
So, how do you cope with it. How do you manage those kids who are not quite cut out for programming. Just wanted a teacher's opinion.
I dont want a personal teacher per-say but someone who could give me a list of things to learn and what order to learn them in.
That depends entirely on what you want to achieve. Generally, you would want to learn how to properly structure your code and how to use classes and all that comes into play with them (functions, data members, namespaces, friendship, inheritance, dynamic allocation, polymorphism, pointers, references, templates, type casting, exceptions and more).

The tutorial page of this website has a very decent coverage of these concepts:

In addition, you may want to look at this website:
start by learning variables and cin/cout, when u get past that email me
variables: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/variables/
cin/cout: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/basic_io/

and @pravesh
i dont officially tutor kids, just in my off time, not for pay or anything
but i do enjoy teaching about it, the main things i see them having trouble with grasping are function arguments and things like arrays, but if you can put it into a context that they understand i find that almost anyone can at least get the basicas of programming. The other thing i see a lot is kids thinking "what could I make that i would use" when they arent even close to making a use-able app or library, instead they should be thinking "what could i make that would put all that i know into use" at least until they have more experience in C++

most the kids i help are still beginners, done some work with java but havent done anything that requires innovative thinking or anything to that effect
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someone who could give me a list of things to learn and what order to learn them in.

Well you don't need a person for that. Books and tutorials are enough for that. I just bought a used copy of The C++ Programming Language Special Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup and have C++ Primer. There are also the tutorials here and http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/beginner/3473/ for a list of ideas.
This site has been helping me out a bit!
Also, take a crack at http://projecteuler.net to test what you have been learning!
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Not been to learncpp since they still had a ton of unfinished tutorials. I may have to give it a go again just to critique their site.
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