Best C++ Compiler and IDE?

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask...

What is the best C++ Compiler and IDE for you guys?
I'm currently using Code::Blocks, and previously Dev-C++.
I know that Code::Blocks is updated all-in-all, but.
Do you know another free C++ Compiler which is, perhaps, more powerful?
If no, then it's okay.

I wouldn't call it more powerful, but I've always found that Microsoft's VC compilers were always much more intuitive than alternatives. They come bundled (no configuration required) with their Visual Studio product.
Neither of those are compilers. Commonly, they use the (MinGW port of the) GCC compiler.

The LLVM compiler is pretty good and has some lovely error messages.
You can check out eclipse. I think it's a pretty popular IDE.
It depends on you for me best is Geany. It is small and easy to use, as I want to learn how to program first, or not how to use big IDE. And for me it is ease to program on linux (ubuntu), than on win. And compiler is gcc as it supports C++11.
Windows Compiler : MinGw , IDE : Eclipse
Unix Compiler GCC , IDE Eclipse( or Emacs, what else)
I use NetBeans because I started out programming in Java and it also supported C++, which I learned later. I have not noticed any major problems and it's relatively easy to use.
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