Windows and ncurses

I am creating a text game using c++ and ncurses.

Is there anyway to get ncurses to work on windows or a similar component that at least can capture text and print text in color on the command line.
I'll suggest a similar component, and although it may seem like over-kill I think you'll be happier once you realize you're just another step or two away from adding actual graphics. the sf::Text class will give you most of what you need to make a CYOA text game. I suggest going with SFML 2.0, don't worry about there not being a tutorial just read the documentation and you should be able to pick it up. If you do get stuck just remember to come back here for help.
...but that is not what he asked. He is already using NCurses for his framework.

On nixen, use NCurses.
On Windows, use PDCurses.

If you are using the GNU compiler toolchain (MinGW), download and unpack the appropriate library version directly from the MinGW downloads page. This should be it:

Good luck!
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I saw "or similar component" and thought of SFML. My bad.
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