what do you guys think are the best programming books!!

You guys leave me a list of the great books you've read on c++ programs. Plus how you guys have learned c++, through school, friends, or just books/internet which I am doing right now! Thanks guys! input is greatly appreciated!!
Hi mickeyliv, I can't really call myself a experiensed programmer, but I am reading "C++ third edtition by Bjarne Stroustrup" Ps, he is the creator of c++ :)

And when i got a idea for a program, but there is something I don't know how to get/do I either ask my dad (I'm 14 years old) He WAS a C programmer so he knows a couple of stuff OR i just use google.

Hope that helps :)

yeah I have been doing this for a week now and am loving it.. The most fun I have about programming is that it isn't too difficult to learn, and you learn a ton of knowledge. right now I am just writing simple programs with if and else. Also random number generators such as a guessing games.. right now I am reading learn c++ in 21 days I think? I will pick up the bjarne strousup book first edition.. Thanks man!
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