Getting drives connected

Hi, i would like to know how i can get an array containing the drives connected to the computer
maybe using this 'System::IO::DriveInfo::GetDrives()'
Then loop through that array and get each drive name ?

Thank you for any help.
That's a CRT function. You can't use it in proper C++ code.

One simple solution could be to just iterate over every letter in the alphabet and call GetDriveType() on each one.
But what if a drive type has a more then one letter name?
i found this code which allows me to get the drives name's
'array<String ^> ^ strDrives = Environment::GetLogicalDrives();//Get all the drives connected to the computer
for each(String ^ strDrive in strDrives){ //Loop through all drives connected'
but i would like to be able to get more then that... i need the drive type also.
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