C++ Toolkit Library for Building Reports?

Would anyone know of a C++ Library toolkit which can be used for creating reports. I can find one called XportPro but it only generates reports in HTML and this can be an issue when it comes to printing these reports out on paper. I'll need something which can hold tables and charts.

Any clues? Preferably open source or free.

Thanks so much
Any suggestions?
Reports as in articles essays? Why would you use C++ to do that? If you're interested in the code-like approach of writing and formatting a report you can try using LaTeX.

If I got you in the wrong way, could you please try to explain?
Hi ToniAz
Thanks for coming back. I am building a database application using SQLite. WXWidgets I will use for the GUI component and I'll need to be able to generate reports from this application. The kind of reports will use data from the database and if possible I also want to included charts in those reports so I can print out the report with all the information on it. In essence, I want to display data and charts. More importantly, I want to include it as part of my application rather than use another application do do it. The reports will need to be printable (through a printer).

There seems to be so many libraries for different things out there but I'm having trouble finding what I want.

Thanks again.
Maybe I can just use a PDF Library?? Is it possible to transfer values into PDF's this way. I've never used it before.

I was thinking that there must be a more common approach to generating reports from databases and building them into an application.

Any Suggestions?
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