Image Filters

I am making a project using visual studio c++ 2008 and i need to use jpeg loading library only. I also need to implement these image filters below to have a similar look of extraction of 2d curves.

Recursive Gaussian Image Filter
Add Image Filter
Multiply Image Filter
Join Image Filter
Binary Magnitude Image Filter
Eigen Analysis 2D Image Filter

any suggestion for using jpeg loading library only and what is the best c++ code for these image filters to be implemented in windows form application.

I'm not sure if it counts exactly, but the SDL with SDL_image may work for JPEG-only loading. While SDL_image as a whole can support more than just JPEG, it can be configured so that it only has the decoder for JPEG loaded at any given time.

As for the algorithms you've suggested, that's some pretty specialized theory you're getting into. I'd suggest looking elsewhere for the answer to that.
dsp stackexchange would be a good place to ask. You should ask very specific questions though. Also do your homework, and do a thourogh search first.

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