Needing help with how to do these

I'm currently trying to learn how to do these problems but I'm a complete beginner. If anyone could help me get started that would be amazing. I'm just trying to get into programming more.

1. write a program that provides two descriptions oh how to get from your front door to a) closest school. B) closest park

2. Write a program that prompts the user to enter two values of the same fundamental types like integers, float, or double, and store these values in variables named Val1 and Val2 in order to determine their smallest and largest value, and their sum difference, product and ratio and report the. To the user.
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I would start by creating a main function.
I'm currently using Microsoft visual basic 2010 express to start it but was looking to see if anyone could possibly show me how the coding should look
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Also if their is anywhere I could go to learn how to do programs such as these
It looks like homework to me. We don't do homework here but if you have some actual questions we'll try answer them.
It is a homework problem your correct but I got it off a professors website from my school. I'm currently a bussiness student wanting to switch majors and I'm trying to teach myself do I have a 1 up and can catch up faster
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