How to store CString using Vector in C++

Dear Gurus/Experts in C++,

I am new to C++.My Question is very basic.I need CString to be

stored in Vector, as I am new even after several attempts I dont

know how to do it.Kindly help me.My code is as below:

void Editcontrol(CString prop1,CString prop2,CString prop3)
Vector <string> v;

// I need to store CString in Vector, even after many tries I

could not able to do it

int main()

Try one more the following

std::vector<CString> v;

v.push_back( ("Haroon" );
v.push_back( ( "Rizwan" );
v.push_back( ( "Noor" );

Or if the compiler supports new features of the C++ then

std::vector<CString> v = { "Haroon", "Rizwan", "Noor" };

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Thanks a lot Mr.Vlad
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