How to create a simple Robot Program

In preparation for an upcoming robotics competition, your company has decided to showcase its new robot. The competition requires the robot to move on a fixed flat (two-dimensional) surface and collect objects randomly placed on the surface. Your robot can only take one step at a time and move in only four directions (north, south, east, west).
Your company has approached you to write a simple C++ program to demonstrate the physical movement of the robot and the collection of objects placed on the flat surface.
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Maybe you could start with letting the robot know where he stands:
maybe a function that returns the position of the robot and another that moves the robot.

say the robot stands in position[5][2] and looking to the south and you want him to move 2 steps forward then look to the right and stops then you'd just have to change the the y to 0 (position[5][0]) and make him look to the west which is the right if you are looking south

and for the collection of objects you gonna give the robot the coordination of the object to pick.

it would be nice if you only allow your robot to move if he is looking at the right direction. you don't want a robot to move 3steps to the right without looking to the right first and then proceed.

else i believe we need more information on what you exactly want... because what you wrote above is not that clear
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