Bad file descriptor in multi thredding environment

I am running 3 Applications

1. proxy
2. CommandServer
3. Data server

Multiple proxies are running on different machines and all will connect to single command server, only one command server is running.

For each proxy request, command server should connect to multiple data servers and fetch the details and send to proxy.

This setup is running fine for single proxy. When I run multiple proxy's from different machines, I am getting bad file descriptor error while sending data to proxy in CommandServer . But actually value is present for descriptor(socket).
for each proxy one socket is created and one thread is created in CommandServer to handle send and receive data

The logger message of commad server is like this

5:56 :: Error :Error in sending data to client from CTranSocket::Send():Bad file
descriptor , socket value 6

Problem is in working with linux. The above setup is running fine in windows

Mahesh Parimi
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It's impossible to work out what's going on without a better understanding of the architecture and without seeing the code.
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