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I would like to ask 1 question. I am good at c++ (basics).I have learned all basics,classes,pointers,file handing, etc etc. I have completed 2-3 books, made 1000s of small programs. But Now I want to do something that is practical useful. I haven't made any gui application.I want to make some small bot, some software. Plz guide me. What should I do? What to make? How should I proceed? Any book that deals with application development using c/c++?

Well if you're looking for a GUI you should look into QT, its cross-platform
Just do whatever comes to mind. I made a snake remake just for the hell of it a couple of days ago
Thanks Angelruiz. Will look into QT. Any book or resouce that will help in application development
If you want to do only GUI, then I can't help you.

But not all console programs are less useful and non-challenging. If you like algorithmic C++ then I have something.

If you want something challenging, make a scientific calculator which is compatible with int, double, bool, std::complex (int and double instantiations) and any other data types you can think of (for eg. you can make your own matrix class with member functions to find determinant, adjoint, multiply 2 matrices, etc)

The program should also have variable support
Eg., if you type "x^2-3", the program should ask "What is x? ". If you type "sqrt(7)" it should calculate answer as "5".

If you plan to make one, I don't want you to do it the hard (and inefficient) way. So google up about "postfix operators" and "infix operators".
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If you type "sqrt(7)" it should calculate answer as "5".
sqrt(7)^2-2 is 5
Since he says he is comfortable with pointers then maybe before he gets to BST and infix/postfix, he should make a series of linked lists. That is a good warm up to a BST I think.

But writing a "calculator" that can read the input:

and giving you the result (of 4, not 5 because we are subtracting 3, not 2) is probably a big jump if you skip things like stacks and linked lists.

Since he wants a practicle application, a linked list is a good way to make a basic queue which can be used to simulate things like the maximum queue size and wait time for a call center.
Thanks guys for suggestions. Done data structures too.Linked lists,trees etc. Now I want to make something practical using those. Can you guys give more suggestions. Some gui application where I can utilize what I have learnt.

Thanks for the responses by the way.
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