Podofo - PDF Library (Open Source), Static compile?

I have downloaded and unzipped the .tar file on the PODOFO website in the hope that I would find a header file and a source file for my c++ project. I'm using Code::Blocks with windows in a c++ app.

There are allot of files in the unzipped, un-compressed podofo files so I'm unsure which files to incorporate these into my project. I want to #include the header file so I can fund 'PODOFO' functions and classes in my application.

It's strange, I can't find any info on it.

If anyone has any experience with PODOFO (http://podofo.sourceforge.net/index.html) the could you kindly give me a heads up on which files to incorporate these files into my project. I'm looking for the right header file and right source code files.

Thanks so much.
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