Why is Codeblocks terminating my program with Status 3?

I'm programming with SDL and CodeBlocks. The problem I have is when I initialize
a surface the program crashes...every time. It actually comes on for a split
second...and then crashes

Here is my initialization:

message = TTF_RenderText_Solid(funnyFont, "25", textColor);

- where message is a pointer to create a surface
- program runs fine when I take the message initialization out

I have used this a million times and have never had this problem. The only
difference is the program that this initialization belongs is pretty big. Can
anyone tell what the problem is. Thanks.

I haven't ever had this problem/I have never used codeblocks so not exactly sure what the problem is.

You should double check to make sure your font was loaded in correctly.
You could also try TTF_GetError()/SDL_GetError() to see if they provide any useful info.

if(!(message = TTF_RenderText_Solid(funnyFont, "25", textColor))
      cout << TTF_GetError() << endl;

It may also be a problem with another part of your code that is interfering, hard to tell.
Yay. One line of code. May favorite thing to debug.

Maybe you should provide a little more context.

*muffs head*
Thanks! I did not even initialize funnyFont. Program runs smooth

...always those little things. lol @ cire. Those tend to be the best learning experiences...
at least for me.
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