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Please help me out solve the following problem using classes, I might need it ASAP.. I believe in you programmers, I know the problem statement is quiet long but please somebody take their time to read this and help me out.

a) Some of the characteristics of a book are the title, author(s), publisher, ISBN, price and year of publication. Design a class bookType that defined the book as an Abstract Data Type (ADT).
b) Each object of the class bookType can hold the following information about a book: title, up to four authors, publisher, ISBN, price and number of copies in stock. To keep track of the number of authors, add another member variable.
c) Include the member functions to perform the various operations on objects of type bookType. For example, the usual operations that can be performed on the title are to show the title, set the title, and check whether a title is the same as the actual title of the book.
Similarly, the typical operations that can be performed on the number of copies in stock are to show the number of copies in stock, set the number of copies in stock, update the number of copies in stock, and return the number of copies in stock. Add similar operation for the publisher, ISBN, book price, and authors. Add the appropriate constructors and destructor (if one is needed).
d) Write the definitions of the member functions of the class bookType.
e) Write a program that uses the class bookType and tests various operations on the objects of the class bookType. Declare an array of 50 components of type bookType. Some of the operations that you perform are to search for a book by its title, search by ISBN and update the number of copies of a book.
f) Using the class designed above, write a program to simulate a bookstore. The bookstore has two types of customers: those who are members of the bookstore and those who buy books from the bookstore only occasionally. Each member has to pay R750.00 yearly membership fee and receives a 5% discount on each book purchased.
For each member, the bookstore keeps track of the number of books purchased and the total amount spent. For every eleventh book that a member buys, the bookstore takes the average of the total amount of the last 10 books purchased, applies this amount as a discount, and then resets the total amount spent to 0.
Write a program that can process up to 1000 book titles and 500 members. Your program should contain a menu that gives the user different choices to effectively run the program i.e. your program should be user driven.

What is your specific problem? where are you stuck?
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