Painting Software using C++

I am at the beginning of C++
My course teacher have fixed a project for my team to make software of painting using C++ in this vacation. So I am searching help for understanding the act of paint software, how it works on windows and how it has a relation with mouse pointer. So I need a source code and some details on mouse events.....

I believe that there are many experts who can really help me in this project. Thanks for your kind time.... I will check very soon for reply. Please write something that really will help me.
C++ has no knowledge of the screen, colours, the mouse, windows or anything like that. All you can do is ask the operating system to show things on the screen for you, using functions provided by the operating system.

So the first question is what operating system are you using?
Thanks for intention of cooperation.

I am using windows 7.
Using the windows API directly is a pain, especially for a novice. Look into a widget toolkit to do the heavy lifting for you.
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