Program Help: Compiles but doesn't run right

I have written out the program, the program compiles and when it runs, it'll run the prompt, and when you input a number and press enter, it'll go to the next line and it will be blank. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
What multiples are we adding? 3

Then nothing until I terminate it.
Here's my code, can I have some help? That'd be great.
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

float getNumber();
float getAnswer(float);

void display(float, float);

* Add text here to describe what the function "main" does. Also don't forget
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int main()
float x;
float z;


return x, z;

float getNumber()
float x;
cout << "What multiples are we adding? ";
cin >> x;
return x;

float getAnswer(float x)
float z;
int i;
int total = 0;
for ( i = 1, z = 0; z < 100; i++)
total += z;
z = x * i;
return x, z;

void display(float x, float z)
cout << "The sum of multiples of " << x
<< " less than 100 are: " << z << endl;

The reason its not moving onto the next step is because the variable x is undefined. The reason for this is while you're returning x in the getNumber() function you arn't returning it to anything.

When you make a variable in a function that variable is only accessible to that function so while there's an in getNumber() and in main() that doesn't make them the same variable.

Try changing:

This will put the variable that the function getNumber() is returning into the variable x.

Also when posting code here always put it inside [code] formatting.
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