C++ Standard Documentation

Is there a free copy of the C++ ISO standard floating around somewhere on the internet that someone can point me to?
Try googling "pdf ISO/IEC 14882:2003"

You can also get a copy of the ballot text for C++/0x

This document is not an ISO International Standard. It is distributed for review and comment. It is subject
to change without notice and may not be referred to as an International Standard.
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For every other standard I've ever worked with, you had to pay for the "official" standard, but you could get the final working draft from the net (which was the same text as the "real" standard, merely unofficial). For C++, the final working draft on the standards site is password protected, someone has agressively policed copies on the net. I do see one illicet copy on the first page of Google results, however (and plenty of torrents).

You can get legally get free copies of the working draft of C++0x, but not of the current C++ standard.
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