Vector elements

Which is better to use for accessing a certan value with in a vector? = i;


myvector[i] = i;

As far as I know, they do both the same thing. Is there any reason to use one over the other?
use of [] is simpler, otherwise I don't see any other reason
I found out why,

[] is faster and less demanding while .at is safer since it throws out_of_range expection.
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The difference between this member function and member operator function operator[] is that vector::at signals if the requested position is out of range by throwing an out_of_range exception.

So if you want to protect access using exceptions, use at()

Hi, your solutions is very good for two forms, use of operator [] is very simpler!!!


for ( int i =0; i < myvector.size(); i++)
cout<< myvector[i] <<endl;

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