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question 1) Write a program which has a class which contains a member function which is capable of generating the list of 100 numbers made up of all 1’s and 0’s which are divisible by 17. Assume that we are dealing with decimal number system. Include appropriate data members in the class. You may make use of any data members and member functions necessary to achieve the outcome.

Question2) Write a program which contains a class called Date which is capable of accepting the day, month and year. Utilize the concept of operator overloading to overload the + operator so that if the user enters either the day, month or year, the resultant date after addition of the day, month or year should be displayed. The binary operator – should also be overloaded so that if the user enters either the day, month or year then the resultant date after subtracting the day, month and year should be displayed. The = operator should be overloaded which should compare two dates and should report if those dates are equal or not. The class should also contain provision for displaying the date in the following formats:-
iii) DD-Month Name-YY
iv) DD-Month Name-YYYY
Here DD stands for Day, MM stands for month and YY stands for last two digits of the year whereas YYYY contains 4 digits of the year. Month Name stands for the name of the month such as January, February etc. The program should be menu driven.

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