Modifying from array to vector

I have currently trying to modify a code so a specific variable is a vector instead of a array.

Im new to c++, so even though it is very simple I have had a lot of problems doing it correct. I have now used a day, and have still not found a solution.

Therefor i would like to here if any want to earn 20$ fast for this job. It can proberly be done in less than a hour, for a c++ programmer with experiences.

The code is not that big. It is only 3 relevant files, and I think there i at most 8 refferences to the array.

I can't publish the code, since I don't have licens for doing so, but I can mail it, if interested.
So what you want to do is change an array to a vector? in an already created code
There is some refferences to the array, and I ofcoarse also want to change those too...
ok if you could send me your code i may be able to help you
Hey gsizzle.
After trying for more than a day, I have found a solution which now works.
Im sorry for wasting your time, but thanks alot for your help.
no problem, and i didnt help at all but no problem haha. If you ever need any help just message me

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