Hi everyone, I need some advise. I've been studying C++ for almost 18 months now and I've just completed my Data Structures course. I'm interested in learning game programming. I have good knowledge base for C++ now, I just want to know what would be the next step towards learning game programming. thank you.
I would start with either learning DirectX or OpenGL. And learn the Windows API.
Allegro 5 is really good for 2D games, plus its easy to learn
I assume DirectX, OpenGL and Allegro are libraries for graphics.
Correct, however I haven't really looked much into Allegro, but DirectX supports: graphics, sounds, input and networking (Haven't used DirectX, so I only heard about them), but DirectX is Windows only. While OpenGL is only focused on graphics, it is portable, so could be used on other machines.

I suggest look through them both and decide what you think is suitable.
I will check them out. Thank you for the advise.
Allegro also supports input/output - keyboard input, joysticks, and sound. Plus its portable, theres even ports for ios and android
It sounds like Allegro is the one to go for. Can you suggest any learning source for Allegro?
This website I guess,

But I strongly suggest in the future moving into either DirectX or OpenGL for making more serious games, for now learning allegro should be fine.
Theres always the community page - - Its pretty well documented just search it up on there or google/youtube. Just make sure you are searching for version 5 of the library. Its really easy to learn :)
This links to a collection of good videos that goes through making a simple space shooter. It should give you a good understanding of allegro as well as some of the ideas behind games programming. However as said it doesn't look at OOP which is a must for most games nowadays . However I wouldn't be surprised(considering 18 months c++) if after learning about how to use Allegro you can make your own game if you plan it properly.
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Just to be complete, there are also the SFML and SDL libraries.
SFML is extremely easy to learn and use.
written in C++ in an OO manner.
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