I need help

Write a program that reads the coordinates of three points from the standard input and calculates the area of the triangle defined by them. The coordinates are floating-point numbers.

Please can you do this for me , its for my friend's exam.
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Please can you do this for me , its for my exam :X

Well, no. It's for your exam. If you don't learn anything from this class, then what's the point? We'll be glad to help you though. What have you gotten done so far?
Well,it's not exactly for my exam ,it's for my friend's exam and i can't do it because im a begginer. I asked him but he is studying for other exam and he doesn't have time..
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How would you do this on paper? There are two reasonable ways here, using the more classic area formula of .5b * h, or using Heron's Formula (which is what I'd use) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heron's_formula.
Can you do it please.
I have to study a lot more when i could do it
Can you do it please.

I can. But I won't.
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